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World Series of Poker 1993
Day-by-day Analysis

BadDog has gone way back to the archives and out-done himself with his latest piece. If you've ever wondered how long you can last in the WSOP without ever playing a hand, then look no further. Yes, this goes back to 1993, but the overall concepts still apply.

The full PDF is pretty extensive (Baddog looks at how each of the top finishers did compared to the field, where you should hope to be each day in relation to others, etc.) so here's a quick synopsis before you dive all the way in:

  • The total cost to play Day One in 1993 without playing a single hand (just posting blinds) was $5,250.
  • Players who make the Final Table almost always improve their chip count daily.
  • Only one of the final 27 players in 1993 had 2 down days overall.
  • None of the final 27 had 3 down days.

So while this may seem obvious, if you want to finish in the top 12 (or very top tier in 2006) you need to improve your chip stack daily.

A lot of players go in thinking, "I'll just hang tight, play very few hands, make no huge moves, and coast to Day 2. Then I can start really going after chips." This does work, as far as getting them past the first day (assuming they don't make any critical mistakes). But then what happens is they have very little ammo to work with and the blinds start to get to them. Every player's account of the WSOP will tell you that the action gets pretty fierce once Day 2 rolls along...and many times after the first break on Day 1.

So check out the full analysis - it's a little overwhelming, but very interesting to see how the stacks grow throughout the tournament each day.

Then, when you're playing in the Big One this year, remember BadDog's immortal words and give a shout out when the ESPN cameras roll around.





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