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Ultimate Dealer Button
The Ultimate Dealer Button is a cool little device that keeps track of the blinds and round lengths for your home tournament. The tournament clock is actually the dealer button!
Poker After Dark
Poker After Dark is NBC's latest foray into the world of televised poker. The show features a $20K buy-in six handed, winner take all tournament featuring some of poker's biggest names. Each tourney is shown over 5 weekday nights after the Conan O'Brien show and a "director's cut" recap show is shown after Saturday Night Live, did we also mention it features Shana Hiatt as hostess. (1/14/2007)
Hunting Fish: A Cross Country Search for America's Worst Poker Players
Hunting fish is the story of Jay Greenspan, an aspiring poker pro, who has decided to drive from his home in New York to Los Angeles over a 3 month journey to find America's worst poker players. In the process he hopes to build up a big enough bankroll to play in one of the bigger games in the world, the$10/$20 No-Limit game at the Commerce Casino. He also hopes to gain somer perspective on what the life of a pro is like and whether or not he has the skill or desire to make it (12/26/2006)
Getting Lucky: The Education of a Mad Poker Player
Getting Lucky is the continuing saga of Richard Sparks in his quest to make the big one at the WSOP. Richard realizes he needs to get better to make the next step and acquires a poker coach, non other than 1983 WSOP Champ, Tom McEvoy. Join Richard's journey as he takes Tom's lessons to heart...sometimes. (10/16/2006) is an innovative poker teaching website that utilizes first person videos from some of today's best online players. They walk you through their thoughts as they play at the tables and you see the results in real-time. (08/17/2006)
Swimming with the DevilFish
Learn what poker professionals are really like. Profiles of top English/Irish pros including David "DevilFish" Ulliot, the Hendon Mob and more. A very fast read. (08/07/2006)
Learn Hold'em with Daniel Negreanu
Get a personal lesson from one of the games greats. Daniel Teaches Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons to get you on your way to becoming a solid Hold'em player.

Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon

This DVD looks just like the televised final tables you see on TV. You get to hear Phil's thought process as he plays each hand and learn from his good plays and mistakes. This is the most professional looking poker video produced yet.

One of the keys to poker success is being able to track your results. This site does all the legwork for you!

The Professor, The Banker & The Suicide King by Michael Craig
This book delves into the biggest poker game ever played; with $10 million dollar buyins an amateur poker player takes on the big guns of poker.
Tournament Poker and the Art of War by David Apostolico
The Art of War by Sun Tzu as it relates to Poker; the parallels to the classic work are uncanny and helps you think about poker in an all new way.
Diary of a Mad Poker Player by Richard Sparks
Follow one man's journey to qualify for the World Series of Poker Main Event. If you play online poker; you can't help but put yourself in Richar's shoes and root him on during his quest.
Poker Tournament Manager
This software makes running poker tournaments a breeze. You will wonder how you ever got along without it!

World Poker Tour Handheld Game

This hand held game puts you in a WPT tournament. Overall the game is ok for an electronic poker game. - Online Poker Guide
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