Poker Genie: Professional Edition

The Poker Genie is a great tool for home tournaments, not only will it keep track of the round times and blinds (which would be enough) but it also goes above and beyond. Let me explain by harkening back to the dark ages of home tourney poker. You had several choices to track your tournament. You could use your microwave oven, an egg timer, or somebody's watch; in addition to posting your blinds on a piece of paper that was taped to the wall.

Those days are gone my friend! With the Poker Genie you can easily track time, blinds, and antes. The digital readout is so clear, my blind as a bat wife could read them from across our living room (about 25 feet) without squinting. The Poker Genie is so cool it can even customize the tournament based on your set of poker chips, you tell it how many of each color chip you have and it tells you the values of each chip. The Genie then tells you how many of each chip to give each player based on how long you want the tourney to last. There is no more guess work resulting in 12 hour tournaments and your wife screaming at you at 3 am to...and I quote "get those losers out of here". The Genie also allows you the flexibility to set up your own customized tournament for up to 30 rounds, you can even program in breaks. Every time I take the Poker Genie to a friend's house for a tournament people always ask where to get one...and usually ask if they can have mine...bunch of deadbeats! If you don't like the Genie's suggestions you can set up your own customized tournament; including breaks, for up to 30 rounds of play.

The Genie's signal when a round is over is loud enough for the entire tournament to hear, which is also great if you have several tables going in different areas of your home. The Poker Genie is also pretty durable, I intentionally knocked it off my poker table to the tile floor, and the Genie didn't even get a scratch...although I don't recommend dropping it too many times due to the plastic construction.

There are some other similar products on the market, but this one is the best of this "hardware" niche of tournament clocks/managers. There are also other software tournament manager solutions that can be found that do an excellent job, but if you don't want to lug your laptop around with you everywhere, this is a great alternative.

The Poker Genie is truly a fantastic product for anyone who runs home tournaments. You can buy The Poker Genie at for $49.95

Review by Donald Key.

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