Sit N Go Grinders
by Texter



I know what you're thinking...Not another training site! Not so fast my friends, this training site specializes in teaching the proper techniques for winning Sit N Go's (if you don't know what a sit n go is; basically, it is a tournament that starts once a predetermined number of players sign up...they can be headsup, 9 man, 6 man, 45 man etc...). They have specialists in all types of SNG.

The old saying goes, "those that can't do, teach", well you can throw that old saying out the window when it comes to these guys and SNGs. Here are the Shark Scope stats of their feature trainers (shark scope is a database site that keeps tabs on most online tournaments):

SNG Grinders

These stats don't lie, these guys know what they are doing.

To teach they utilize a hand replayer and video capture software and walk you through each and every hand of a SNG; unlike training sites I've seen are willing to point out errors they've made.

They stress the ICM (Independent Chip Method) style of play which results in an uinexploitable style virtually guaranteed to make money in the long run. They even include a copy of Sit N Go Wizard (If you get a 6 month membership; a $99 value and well worth it) software to assist you in learning ICM and tracking your own tournaments.

I was a decent SNG player before checking out SNG Grinders but their videos have really helped my results. I've cashed in the last 15/16 SNG's I've played on Cake Poker, and have an average Return on Investment of 23% in my last 200 PokerStars SNGs. I don't play in the big dollar buyins but if I keep learning, I will someday. I'm confident that if you signup with SNG Grinders you can become a profitable player too.




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