Poker Tournament Manager
from MB Hammond Group LLC

After hosting over 50 home tournaments manually with Excel and picking random cards for seat assignment, Poker Tournament Manager has made my life easier. Now, I am able to focus on my cards and let Poker Tournament Manager calculate everything from seat assignments to league point standings (deluxe version). Setting up a tournament has never been easier. I can actually play poker without having to take care of all the annoying little things.

Tournament Set-up
Poker Tournament Manager has made setting up a tourney easier. The only thing the program does not do is assist in carrying the tables and chairs upstairs to the game-room. Other than that, everything else has been considered. The set-up is broken down into a five step process.

1. ‘Basics’ – this screen allows for the host to enter the name of the tourney, the date, and the maximum players at each table.

2. ‘Buying in’ – here you input the buy-in amount, house fees (if any), and the total # of chips to start out with. In addition, the host is able to allow re-buys and add-ons. After inputting this data, the software calculates what the estimated prize pot (estimated for re-buy tourneys).

3. ‘Chips’ – this is a great tool. Here you select which color chips to use and assign a value to each color. After assigning values, the host is able to input how many chips (by color) each player will be allotted. After inputting the number of chips each player gets, the program calculates the total chip value. This makes the chip counting process a breeze.

4. ‘Levels’ – Choosing your blind schedule has never been easier. There are three different methods in calculating the blinds. First, fully automated based upon the length of time the tourney should last. Second, semi-automated which doubles the blinds each level after the host enters the starting blind. Last, manually adjust blinds after each blind increment is complete. In my tourney, we used the fully automated method with some manual modifications to the blind schedule. This is done by clicking on the blind value and inputting a new value (very easy).

5. ‘Payouts’ - again, very easy. It allows fixed and percentage payouts and rounds. This is the screen where you can assign league points (deluxe version).

6. ‘Advanced’ – here you can add graphics, pictures and custom messages. In addition, the host can post tourney rules. Here I have included the rules that are most forgotten, like the raise rule.

After you have entered all the data for your tournament, you can print out a checklist that includes the total number of chips needed and how many chips to issue to each player. You then enter the data for the players and optionally seat them automatically.

Consolidating/Moving Players

The host is able to move player manually or automatically (players that have been moved are shown with the ">" sign next to their name). The program will automatically notify you when the tables need to be balanced. This is another feature that allows the host to spend more time playing and less time managing. Excellent system. In addition, the host can manually reduce tables.

You can easily eliminate or rebuy/add-on players by clicking the player name on the timer screen.

League Stats

The deluxe version allows for the host to post league tournament results on a free Poker Tournament Manager web page from within the program. You can then email the link to your players to let them know about the tournament results being posted.


The cost of The Poker Tournament Manager is $29.95. The deluxe edition is $59.95 and includes the Tournament Assistant and league tracking capabilities.


The Poker Tournament Manager is an all inclusive tournament manager and a very easy program to use. The tournament set-up system is a very simple step by step process, which makes set up so easy. The tourney screens during play displays all pertinent information (time left, chip legend and average chip stack). For just $29.95 for this program and $59.95 for the deluxe addition (adds tournament assistant and league tracking) this program allows the host to concentrate on the game and spend less time dealing with managing the tourney. Of course, the host still has to pay the prizes.

At a glance anyone can see where they stand at any moment.

Poker Tournament Manager Easily gets our PokerLizard Seal of Approval , if you run home tournaments it is a must have! Check it out at

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