WPT Texas Hold'em Hand Held Game
from Radica

Radica Games has come out with a challenging hand held game based on the World Poker Tour. You start the game out with $5,000 in chips facing 5 computer opponents. As you build your chipstack and eliminate opponents, other players take their place until you make it to the final table and win the big bucks!

This hand held electronic game has some surprisingly good features, it has 8 different styles of opponent (from rock tight to maniac) and they play pretty well, realistic dealing algorithms, the ability to speed hands up once you're out, and you can see most details of a hand at one glance. The game will also let you know when a new player has taken a vacant seat. In addition, you can play a little while and come back to the point where you left off at any time. The game is designed well and looks good.

Unfortunately, the game also has some big weaknesses due to the nature of a hand held game. For example, the icons used for the card suits takes awhile to get used to due to limited space (the heart icon for instance has the diamond inside of it). Also, you can't really tell how you are doing in the tournament since you can only check the chip stacks of players at your table and you have no idea how many players are left (supposedly you start with 200 opponents).

Overall the game looks great (for a handheld) and plays decently, it is a bit boring and slow if you're used to the faster pace of playing online. This game would make a decent stocking stuffer for a young fan (early teens at the latest) of poker, it might actually keep them away from the computer for awhile so you can play some online. I don't recommend it for anyone who plays poker on a semi-serious basis and expects to learn anything about their game, but young kids may get a few hours entertainment on a long car trip.

I've seen the game retailing online for approximately $19.99 - $34.99, but I'd try and find it on sale if you're interested in it as a gift.

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