is a poker training site that gives you a front row seat as you watch and learn while an online Pro plays. Sometimes the pros make profitable decisions and sometimes they don’t, but you get to hear the rationale behind their moves which will give you the tools to become a better player. Each video is between 20 minutes and an hour and the subjects run across all types of poker, from cash games to Multi-Table Tourney’s to Single Table Sit-N-Goes.

The site includes an impressive stable of pros from which to learn. Sure the oldest one is about 22 years old and looking at their bio pics on the site, you may think to yourself, What can these young kids teach ME about poker? Don’t let their ages fool you, these guys have amassed a ton of poker knowledge in their careers. Rumor has it that one of them ran a $35 deposit up to over $50K and now has a $2million bankroll. The pros include:

Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby - One of the internet’s most successful cash game players.
Andrew “Muddywater” Wiggins – Short-handed and headsup specialist.
Jeff “ActionJeff” Garza – Multi-table and Sit-N-Go specialist.
Brian “Stinger885” Hastings – Multi-table Tourneys and Sit-N-Goes.

They also have some guest coaches who stop by once in a while (well-known player jsup is the main contributor).

The site uses screen capture software that shows you the table(s) just as they see them,

This site is an excellent instructional tool if you would like to work your way up from the lower limits or have hitten a wall in your poker learning. The videos are straightforward and the lessons are an invaluable look in to the types of things you need to consider while playing Texas Hold’em. If you have a question about a video you’ve watched there is an excellent member forum where you can talk to the pros.

The site has a few minor weaknesses which can easily be fixed. For example, there are virtually no non-hold’em videos so if you like other games the choices are pretty sparse. Also, there is no indication of how long a video is until you start watching it, so if you’re trying to check a short one out on your lunch hour you don’t really know how to pick which one to watch. Finally, some of the videos have a pro playing more than one type of table, for instance they might be playing a single table Sit-N-Go at the same time as a cash game, this could lead to a little bit of confusion on the viewer’s part since the strategies of both games are so different.

These weaknesses are more than compensated for by the excellent information, I've personally become a better player just by learning to slow down my decisions and delve deeper into my opponents motivations for making certain plays. The site releases at least 3 new video lessons a week and is reasonably priced. A first level membership is only $6.99/Month and provides a 25% discount on videos which cost around $5-$10/video, access to the forums, pro blogs and instructinal articles. The full membership is $19.99/Month after a $49.99 membership fee and includes 1st level privledges and unlimited access to videos.

You should definitely give a try if you’re looking to take your game to the next level.

- Donald Key

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