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I recently visited my brother in the Czech republic and he was playing online poker tournaments on Pacific Poker I hadn't played on the site since the UIGEA and I was surpised at how different the interface was, they have recently received a major upgrade in all aspects of its game which was long overdue. With better detailed table options, gaming types to and player customization, Pacific Poker should be getting a bigger share of the market. The new table design centres around a large playing table and equally large and colourful playing cards, complemented by a range of innovative 3D avatars. There is a completely redesigned lobby, for both cash and tournament games.

Limits and Rake
The limits at Pacific Poker are unified across each of the games offered; making it easier for players to find the playing level that best suits them. Limits start at $0.05/$0.10 and increase to $75/$150. There are 12 limit levels all totaled. I beleive the low limit games at Pacific Poker to be a terrific value as players tend to be loose and the rake is low. For $0.05/$0.10 games the maximum rake is 6 cents. For the $25/$50 cent game the rake is capped at $0.30 cents. Both of these limits provide excellent value for new poker players. For the $0.5/$1 and $1/$2 games the rake is capped at $1.25, which is also better than most sites. For games above $1/$2 the rake is a standard 5 per cent capped at $3.

Player Traffic
One of the larger internet poker rooms, Pacific Poker is run by the hugely popular casino, Casino on Net . Pacific Poker run their own events and so draw in a high number of poker players from advertising on TV and the web. There is plenty of action here due to the high number of players and so there is little waiting time required for your favourite events.

I loved playing here back when they allowed US players the games were very soft. Pacific Poker brings in a high number of gamblers from it's casino operation, so lots of loose action. Navigation around Pacific Poker is easy and the tables have a good look and feel to them. Pacific Poker also has a Quick Play, or Pacific Poker direct Flash version of the game, which means players can log on anywhere, without the need to download the software.

Software and Extra Features
The lobby at Pacific Poker is well designed, with each game type tabbed for easy viewing. Search filters are equally easy to apply allowing players to efficiently narrow down the available rooms and find the room that they're after. As for the rooms themselves, players are greeted with a very large, uncluttered poker table, with large and vibrant cards that are easy to recognize. Player avatar selection options have recently been increased, adding to the personalization options available. Players can resize the gaming window and the buttons are easy enough to navigate. Pacific Poker runs smoothly, the only hold up is usually players who are thinking about their bet. Although, thankfully, a 30 second timer keeps things running at an even pace. For those after an even faster experience, turbo tables are also on offer which is a blessing, they used to have some of the slower tables around.

Comp Points - Earn bonus points while you play, for every bet placed into a raked hand players can earn comp points. These points can be converted into cash and used for more play or simply withdrawn.

Game History - A fast way to view all your Pacific Poker transactions. Very useful for those who keep detailed records.

Player Notes - An easy to use notes facility is essential for many players, Pacific have come up with a good notes facility here.

Keyboard Controlled Actions - If you'd rather use the keyboard to make your playing actions, Pacific offer a complete keyboard only package. For example, "B" bets, "R" raises, "C" calls/checks, "F" folds, "<-" and "->" (arrow keys) moves the bet slider.

Customer Service
Pacific Poker has toll free help numbers for the UK, Germany, Australia and 17 other countries. Support is in English only. Live chat support and email support is also offered. All support is generally answered swiftly and accurately. Cash out however can take a few days to process and clear. Unfortunately thanks to the UIGEA US players are no longer allowed; but if you're not in the US you should definitely check them out if you play online poker.


Omaha Hi-Lo (8 or Better)
Omaha Poker
Seven Card Stud 8 or Better
Seven Card Stud Poker
Texas Holdem Poker
Bonuses and Promotions

Daily Guaranteed Tournaments – Play for your share of $5,000 and $10,000 tournaments each day.
$25,000 Guaranteed Money Monday – Played weekly
Weekly $10,000 Guaranteed Warm up Freeroll
Weekly $100,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack Challenge – Play for a share of $100,000 every week!
Live the Dream - $75 Million | $1 Buy-in!